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Tips To Keep Your Face Blemish-Free

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Your face is what you want people to see when they speak to you, but you don't want their focus to be on the blemishes on your face. Breakouts happen for any number of reasons, including stress, eating improperly, not washing properly, or even from your phone or other device you use often. If you have a problem with breakouts, it could actually be a medical condition that should be treated by a professional dermatologist. See below for tips on how to keep your face free of blemishes.


Be sure to take some time for yourself every now and again to relieve stress. Do something you love such as exercising to alleviate your stress. You can also meditate, play a sport, hang out with friends, go to the beach, take a walk or a jog, take a calming bath, or get a massage to help relieve some of your stress. Stress can take a toll on your entire body, especially your skin. If you are dealing with a lot of stress, it may begin to show. Do your best to relieve the stress in your life.

Eat Well

Drinking plenty of water can help clear up your skin. You should drink at least 8 - 10 glasses of water each day or more. Water is good for your entire body and can also keep your skin hydrated and clean. Eating properly can also improve your skin. Eating greasy foods, or foods high in fats can cause your skin to break out. These greasy foods can begin to seep out of your pores and come out in the form of pimples. Eat plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables in your diet and cut back on unhealthy fats. 

Keep Your Hands Off Of Your Face

Keep your hands off of your face, as whatever you have on your hands could be transferred to your face and cause your face to breakout. Your hands aren't the only thing that could be transferring dirt or grease onto your face, your cell phone, work phone and other type of device could be causing your face to breakout. Clean these items often to prevent breakouts. 

Use Dye And Fragrance-Free Products

Dyes and fragrances in your detergent, face wash or shampoo/conditioners could be causing your breakouts. Change the products you use to see if it  helps at all. If you notice breakouts around your hairline or even down your back, change your shampoo/conditioner and other hair products to something more natural. If you notice breakouts on your body in addition to your face, the problem could be your laundry detergent. Swap products and see if that helps.

Keep your face clean by washing your face before bed and in the morning as well. Never sleep in makeup and wash your pillowcase often. Talk to your dermatologist about other tips to clear up your skin.