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Three Procedures For Vaginal Rejuvenation And The Benefits

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Have you ever considered getting plastic surgery? As a female, you may have often wondered about the benefits and basics of vaginal rejuvenation. The term 'vaginal rejuvenation' actually covers multiple procedures, which can be performed by a licensed dermatologist. In this guide, you will learn about each of the procedures, how they are performed, and the different benefits of each procedure.


This procedure is also known as posterior colporrhaphy and it is performed on women who want to tighten up their vagina. Most women ask for a vaginoplasty after giving birth to a child because their vagina is looser than before. A lot of women have no change, but for the women who do, it can compromise sexual pleasure, tampon usage, and other issues that the woman may find difficult to live with. During the procedure, the doctor will force the vaginal muscles back together. This is usually done by removing extra skin from the inside of the vagina and suturing the skin back together so it's tighter than before.


One of the most common procedures for vaginal rejuvenation is the labioplasty. The procedure is done to shorten the length of the labia minora or fix asymmetrical issues. Women who get it done often do it due to the discomfort they receive from their labia twisting during physical activities, such as sex or even riding a bike. When the procedure is done correctly, the labia minora will no longer hang lower than the labia majora and will be symmetrical. During the labioplasty, the doctor will remove the extra skin and tissue and apply absorbable sutures to the area.

Labia Majoraplasty

Whereas the labioplasty reduces the labia minora, the labia majoraplasty shortens the length of the majora labia. The reasons women get this procedure is typically the same as the labioplasty. They are usually experiencing discomfort due to the size of their majora labia during sex or other activities. During the procedure, the doctor will remove any excess tissue and skin from the inner part of the labia. Just like the labioplasty, the doctor will apply absorbable sutures once the surgery is finished.


Anytime you get surgery or other medical procedures as mentioned above, it is critical to find a good, licensed physician. They will walk you through the vaginal rejuvenation of your choice and make sure you know all the risks and the potential outcomes. All of the above procedures use general anesthesia, so the doctors will also talk to you about the risks of that as well.

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