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Six Things That Can Be Done To Minimize Scarring After Mohs Surgery

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Mohs surgery is a highly effective method of removing cancerous tissues with minimal disruption to the surrounding skin and little scarring. However, some scarring is often present after the patient heals from the procedure. 

Patients can minimize the amount of scarring from Mohs surgery by doing the following six things after the procedure is performed;

Following the surgeon's instructions after surgery

The surgeon performing the Mohs surgery procedure on you should provide you with detailed instructions for caring for yourself after the surgery. Your surgeon is familiar with your unique case and knows exactly what you need to do to minimize scarring and heal as quickly as possible. 

Generally speaking, your surgeon can probably be expected to instruct you to apply a pressurized dressing on the surgery wound for the first few days after the procedure.

Your surgeon should also give you instructions on when you can start taking normal baths or showers again after the procedure and what activities- such as heavy lifting and exercising- you should avoid immediately after the procedure until you heal. 

Being vigilant about any developing infection

One of the biggest causes of significant scarring after Mohs surgery is infection. You can tell that your surgery site is being infected if you notice a great deal of discomfort, swelling, or redness around the surgical wound. 

If you notice any symptoms of infection, you need to contact your surgeon or doctor immediately for further treatment. 

Keeping the surgery site clean while recovering

You're going to need to keep the surgery site clean to prevent infection. Your surgeon will probably give you some disinfecting wound care treatment to put on your wound to kill any viruses or bacteria that could potentially cause infections. 

Using emollients and ointments to minimize scarring

Often, lubricating and moisturizing the wound site can minimize or eliminate the appearance of scars. Adequate moisture promotes healthy circulation that leads to quick healing.

Also, wound ointments are often fortified with vital nutrients like vitamin E that are known for helping the skin to heal quickly with minimal scarring. 

Treating swelling

Right after surgery, you may find that your wound site swells slightly. In this case, you can typically apply a cold pack that will constrict blood flow at the wound site and thereby minimize swelling. 

Undergoing treatments to reduce scarring

If scarring is still apparent even after you have taken all of these precautions, there are some further treatments that can reduce or remove scarring at the Mohs surgery site. Some possible scar treatment options include laser resurfacing, intralesional injections, and dermabrasion. 

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